2016-12-28. First public version of the Pixel Synthesizer has been presented. It was developed by Victor Argonov for the recording of Constructing Feelings according to his pixel music concept (described in the appropriate section of the Rethinking Progress symphony's page).

2015-10-11. Official artwork for Rethinking Progress symphony is ready. Remixes for Beyond the Line song are also ready and presented on symphony's page: classical trance remix by DIP Project and short house remixes by BananaFox. The symphony is now available on iTunes.

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Victor Argonov Project is an electronic music project based in Vladivostok, Russia. It was founded by composer Victor Argonov (a member of Complex Numbers music group) for the purpose of producing large musical works in the genre of electronic dance music.

The project's credo is to combine easy-to-understand, catchy electronic music (which often intentionally exploits pop music cliches), a large scale (such as the format of operas and symphonies), and complex intellectual narratives dealing with issues of science and technology. In the modern music scene the project occupies a nearly empty niche, despite there being a demand for this kind of music. Though the project is an independent and non-commercial one, it already boasts an audience consisting of thousands of people, including some well-known Russian intellectuals.

All of the project's music is distributed freely under the Creative Commons license. It also experiments with spreading the open source ideology to music, as well as non-copyright-based methods of gaining profit from music. The English-language Wikipedia lists 2032 as the world's first open-source opera (see details on the opera's page).